British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program – BC – PNP

The British Columbia Entrepreneur is for all ambitious businessmen!


The British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program (BCPNP) offer entrepreneurs option to set up business in British Columbia which is arguably one of the most dynamic and attractive places to do business in Canada.

  • British Columbia has a large pool of highly skilled and qualified people to meet the labor market needs
  • British Columbia combines a business-friendly environment with an outstanding quality of life
  • This program leads to permanent residency in British Columbia
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Program Details

Critical Documents:

Bank Documents/Work Experience/Education & other personal documents
  1. Applicant must demonstrate a personal investment of at least CAD: 200,000 in the proposed business with net asset of at least CAD: 600,000.
  2. Should have experience as a Sr. Manager or a Business owner.
  3. Online registration CAD: 300 non-refundable (4 weeks)
  4. The applicant should present a business proposal that will result in “significant economic benefits” to British Columbia.
  5. Applicant need to enter selection pool and final registration score will be ranked along with other registrants (within 6 Months)
  6. Net worth Assessment (Supplier (CA)recognized by BC PNP) within 4Months (assessment fee between CAD$ 3,000 to CAD$ 5,000)
  7. Applicant need to pay fee of CAD$ 3,500 including spouse and children upon letter of confirmation from BC PNP (Process time 4 months)
  8. Attend interview in person at the BC PNP Vancouver within a year from the letter of confirmation (as applicable)
  9. BC PNP will issue letter of confirmation which grants a 2-year work visa to the entrepreneur to implement proposed business in BC (within 18-20 months) and get his business registered in BC PNP, to obtain permanent residence (PR)

Program Points

 Individuals may be eligible for this category if they meet all of the following requirements:
  • The applicant has business experience as a senior manager or business owner.
  • The applicant can present a viable business proposal that will result in “significant economic benefits” to British Columbia.
  • Hold at least one-third ownership of the proposed business in BC;
  • Sign a Performance Agreement with the provincial government;
  • Create a minimum of three full-time jobs, to be held by Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Be actively involved in daily management and direction of the proposed business. Investment requirements: In order to register, the candidate must demonstrate that he or she will make an eligible personal investment of at least $200,000 CAD in the proposed business.

If the candidate is proposing a Key Staff Member and wishes for that person to also work for the business in B.C, he or she must demonstrate that he or she will make an eligible personal investment of $400,000 CAD.


Point based Migration – Max Scoring point is 200 based on different characters such as 
  1. Work Experience – 20
  2. Ownership – 04
  3. Net worth – 12
  4. Total Personal Investment – 20
  5. Jobs – 20
  6. Regional District – 12
  7. Adaptability – 32
  8. Business Concept (BC PNP will decide) – 80

Application Costs

Y-Axis & Other Fees:

Y-Axis Technical Evaluation: INR 2,500 + ST (SF Product – Investor-British Colombia Entrepreneur Evaluation)

Y-Axis Full Service Fees: INR 1,50,000 (Payable in 3 installments) + ST (SF Product – Investor-British Colombia Entrepreneur Full Service)

Y-Axis  Service Charges :

  • At the time of registration: INR 50,000        
  • Application process  fee: INR 80,000
  • Visa Process fee: INR 20,000

Online registration: CAD$ 300 non-refundable

Net worth Assessment: Assessment fee between CAD$ 3,000 to CAD$ 5,000

Application Fees: CAD$ 3,500 including spouse and children

Visa Process Time Lines

  • Y-Axis Process Time: (9 to 12 months process time)
  • Application Pool: 1 to 6 months from the date of online registration  
  • Application submission in Vancouver/ Net worth Assessment(Supplier(CA) recognized by BC PNP) /Business Plan (4months)
  • Approval letter to visit BC ( Valid for 1 Year )
  • Arrival permits for 2 years. Need to enter within 12 months to set up business

*Process timelines are defined by the embassy, it could increase or decrease as per the load of the applications received.

Y-Axis Process

Step – 1: Sign up with Y-Axis for a technical evaluation

Step – 2: Sign up for the full-service agreement with Y-Axis & sign the agreement

Step – 3: A dedicated consultant will be assigned to look into your application process.

Step – 4: Work with your Consultant to prepare a business plan and required documentation to file your application.

Step – 5: Apply for Registration process (Get registration confirmation within 4 Weeks)

Step – 6: Apply for Selection process in the pool (6 Months)

Step – 7: Application submission in Vancouver.


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