Service can be provided across India.
Online process of account opening.
Overseas Account opening assistance.


Y-Axis with its service provider offers migrant, expatriate and international student banking services to help individuals moving to Australia, Canada (only Toronto) to set up banking accounts before they arrive at their destination.

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Program Benefits

  1. 1. Open accounts in Australia, Canada from India.
    2. Accounts can be opened up to 3 months prior to arrival to Australian.
    3. Fully online application (no upfront documentation required at the time of account-opening).
    4. Access to a nationwide network of branches & ATMs across Australia.
    5. Minimum balance to be maintained after 6 months.
    6. No application fees.
    7. Accounts opened immediately.
    8. Ability to transfer monies (credits only) after account-opening.
    9. Bank/Debit cards ready on arrival in your host country.
    10. Dedicated Personal Banker assigned up front.


  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Visa copy
  • Travel Ticket

Application Cost

Application Cost – Not Applicable

Y-Axis Process

Y-Axis gets in touch via Call / Email and explains in detail about the course and upon taking the client’s consent, will forward the request to our service provider. The service provider will contact the client and render the required service.


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