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Australia Temporary Work (Entertainment) Visa (Subclass 420)

Show your creative side to Australia with the temporary work visa!

Let Australia see the best in you


Going to Australia on a temporary work visa, will allow you to explore a wide variety of opportunities in the field of entertainment. Under the subclass 420 this visa will allow you to work in film television or live productions. You could choose to perform on screen or show your creativity behind the scenes. The visa gives you a greater choice in this aspect.

Who is Eligible?

So, you could be a director, producer or other production personnel in Australia if you are granted this visa. Actors, supporting staff and still photographers are all included in this category of eligible applicants. The application of this visa is divided into multiple stages. They are:

  • Sponsorship:- An Australian organisation, government agency, foreign government agency or eligible individual applies to become an Entertainment sponsor.
  • Nomination:- The Entertainment sponsor nominates you to undertake a position.
  • Visa:- You apply for a Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (subclass 420).

This is a temporary visa. You can be in or outside Australia when you apply for the visa. You have an option either to apply from Australia or from any other part of the world. 

Consult Y-Axis for Application Processing, forms, documentation and application filing.

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Program Benefits

This visa allows you to work in the entertainment industry:

  • As a performer in a theatre, film, television or radio production, or a concert or recording.
  • To support an entertainer or group of entertainers in relation to a performing contract.
  • To work in a production role other than as a performer in a theatre, film, television or radio production, or a concert or recording, to be performed or shown in Australia (for example, directing or producing).
  • To make a documentary or a commercial.

You can:

  • Stay in Australia for the period of the nominated position, with a maximum stay of two years.
  • Do the work or activity specified in your nomination.
  • Bring eligible family members with you to Australia.
  • Enter and leave Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid.



You might be able to get this visa if you:

  • Work in the entertainment industry.
  • Are nominated by an approved entertainment sponsor (or by someone who has applied to be an entertainment sponsor).
  • Have the experience or skills needed for the nominated position.
  • Have enough financial support for yourself and your family while you are in Australia.
  • Have health insurance for yourself and your family members who come with you.
  • Meet health and character requirements.

For this visa you must be sponsored and nominated for a specific position by an entertainment sponsor who is either:

  • An Australian organisation that is lawfully operating in Australia.
  • A government agency.
  • A foreign government agency.
  • An eligible individual.


To sponsor someone for this visa you must be one of the following:

  • An Australian organisation that is lawfully established and operating in Australia, such as a business, a body corporate or an unincorporated body (other than an individual or a sole trader).
  • An agency of the Australian Government or an Australian state or territory government.
  • A foreign government agency operating in Australia.
  • An Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen who is usually resident in Australia.

If you are an Australian organisation, you must be able to show that you have a good business record in Australia.

This means:

  • Unless it is reasonable to disregard the information, there must be nothing adverse known about you or a person associated with you that might affect your suitability as a sponsor.
  • If you have previously sponsored overseas workers to Australia, you must have a satisfactory record of complying with your sponsorship obligations and with all Australian laws.
  • The activities of your organisation or agency must not be illegal in Australia.

You must also be able to comply with your sponsorship obligations.

Foreign government agencies include:

  • Organisations conducted under the official auspices of a foreign national government and operating in Australia, including overseas tourist and media bureaus, trade offices and other foreign government entities.
  • Foreign diplomatic or consular missions operating in Australia.
  • Organisations conducted under the official auspices of an international organisation, recognised and operating in Australia, such as the United Nations.

Application Cost

Visa subclass

Base application charge

Non-internet application charge

Additional applicant charge 
18 and over

Additional applicant charge under 18

Temporary Work (Entertainment) (Subclass 420)


$380 (w.e.f 1st July 2015)



$380 (w.e.f 1st July 2015)


$95 (w.e.f 1st July 2015)

Temporary Work (Entertainment) (Subclass 420
Group Discount visa





Y-Axis Process

Y-Axis Process Includes:

Professional guidance and advice provided in preparing petition for Employer Eligible sponsor application, Employer nomination application & Applicant visa application.

  • Document checklist.
  • Complete Application Processing.
  • Forms, Documentation & application Filing.
  • Updates & Follow up with the relevant departments if required, till the decision is received.

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