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LinkedIn has 300 million plus members. It is the world’s largest career focused network and if you aren’t
leveraging it to advance your career, then you’re missing out. LinkedIn offers immense reach to help you find
the right contacts and apply to jobs anywhere in the world. Not having the kind of profile that helps you
stand apart is an injustice you are doing to yourself. Y-Axis helps professionals build a LinkedIn
profile that attracts more connections & creates a hugely positive first impression.
Give your online presence a facelift with our LinkedIn Makeover.

Features :

  • Attractive headlines & copywriting.
  • Up to 5 telephonic discussions to completely understand your profile & needs.
  • Any iterations discussed over email as well as on telephone.
  • Profile picture suggestions.
  • Help with framing template requests for endorsements & connections

THANKS for doing such a great job for me!
I can say it will get results.

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