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The most developed countries in the world are facing a talent shortage. Local talent in countries like Australia, Canada,
The UK & US is not enough to meet the demands of the economy. Companies in these countries are increasingly turning to
non-local talent from countries like India. With higher pay, greater benefits and an amazing quality of life,
you can change your family’s fortunes by working abroad.

But getting
a job abroad
is not easy.

  • It takes a lot of time to find the right opportunity & the right channels to apply.

  • It is expensive if you decide to get a visa, buy tickets, go abroad and spend time and money in a foreign country to apply and get job.

  • Employers prefer people who are already in their country and have all the documentation like work permits & PR.

  • Getting a visa is a long and complicated process, especially if you don’t have any job prospects .

  • In order to increase your chances of getting a job, you need more contacts and network abroad, which is difficult when you are in India.

Professionals think they are faced with only
two options to get a job abroad

  • Apply from India
    + Pros:


    - Cons:
    1. No chance of meeting clients
    2. Long visa process
    3. Lesser preference as you
      don’t have a visa
    4. Very high uncertainty
  • Go abroad and apply
    + Pros:

    Can meet prospective employers in person

    - Cons:
    1. Need to apply for a visa
    2. Need a driver’s license
    3. Invest in going abroad
    4. Spend daily while you search for a job
    5. Apply for leave/quit existing job

But there is a third, better way

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Y-Axis Job Search Services

Increase your chances of working abroad with Y-Axis. We offer the most comprehensive solution to
applying for jobs and settling abroad while still in India or another country. With hundreds of successful cases and
over 16 years of experience we are your best option to jumpstarting a global career.

The Y-Axis Advantage

  • We understand immigration, visas, licensure, and employability.

  • We work with employers and jobseekers to help them with their requirements.

  • Selected countries & regions based on visa available, selected cities based job opportunities.

  • Created by the leader in the overseas careers.

  • We have dedicated teams to help you at every step of getting an overseas career.

  • We are innovative and never give up.

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How It Works

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6

Which country do you want to go to? How soon? We answer all the questions you have as well as collecting all the information we need to market your profile. This is an essential introductory session to sets the tone for our engagement. At the end of this you will have:

  1. Understood our process.
  2. Given us all the information to create your marketing strategy.
Resume Writing:

Your resume is the first & most important part of your overseas job search. When you want an international career, you need an impactful International Resume. Y-Axis works with you to create a resume that is accurate, articulate and in the prescribed global format.

  1. Coordination over phone & email to get all relevant information
  2. Written by experienced writers
  3. Written keeping in mind your international ambitions
  4. Add to your employability arsenal with a SlideShare resume
  5. Get the resume in 2 weeks
Y-Smart Applicant Services

When you want an international career, you need the best solution. We’ve fine-tuned our Job Application Services to help your resume reach the right people in the right companies and get you more interviews.

Once we map your requirements and have your resume ready, we market you through:

  1. Y-Essential Checklist: Y-Axis targets the top jobsites, companies & recruiters and markets your profile here. We announce your availability to employers in your country of choice and create profiles on the largest as well as most targeted platforms. We leverage our existing relationships with HR companies & recruiters to ensure your profile is widely viewed.
  2. Y-Open Jobs : We identify all the open jobs in your region of choice and apply to them on your behalf. We get the ball rolling by researching available platforms such as jobsites, classifieds, newspapers and company websites to send them your profile. This ensures your chances of getting interviews increases dramatically.
Y-Social Networking:

Social media is a powerful way of finding relevant opportunities in your country of preference. The Y-Axis team works with you to create your social media profiles on relevant platforms and identify opportunities available.

  1. LinkedIn: One of the most powerful platforms available, LinkedIn is an amazing tool for job applicants. Y-Axis helps you create a profile and reach out to recruiters and marketers on this.
  2. Twitter: With its open framework & trending topics, Twitter is an easy way to find and communicate with employers and recruiters. Y-Axis helps you leverage this tool with a strategy customized to your role and chosen region.
Y-Visa Services

Visas & immigrations are complicated processes. Once you have received your job offer, Y-Axis helps you navigate immigration so you get the right visa as quickly as possible. Since 1999, Y-Axis has helped thousands of individuals move abroad with processes that reduce complexity, duplication and time.

  1. We charge a one time processing fee for the visa
  2. We take 7 days from date of receipt of all documents to prepare your application
  3. We make sure everything is in order to get the visa
Y-Relocation services

Moving to a different country can be a tough, disorientating experience. Y-Axis helps smoothen this with our Relocation Services. If you don’t have friends or family in the country you are moving to, this is the perfect solution to help you assimilate in a foreign culture.

  1. Booking your air ticket
  2. Helping you get travel insurance
  3. Airport pick up in the country you are moving to
  4. Arrival accommodation
  5. More as per your need

Countries & Occupations

  • Call Center & Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • Banking & Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Information Teachnology
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Trades*
  • Building & Construction
  • Social Workers
  • Hospitality
  • Cruise Lines Staff
  • Administration & Operations
  • Architectecture
  • Pharma & Bio
  • Telecom

Minimum Requirements

  • Age
    21 to 45 years only
  • Education
    Diploma / Bachelors / Masters or Higher
  • Experience
    3+ years of work experience is mandatory
  • English
    Must be able to read, write & speak proficiently (IELTS/TOEFL not compulsory but recommended)
  • Occupations
    Refer to next slide
  • Expertise
    Those with an expertise in one area have an advantage
  • Visa Holders
    Those with a valid work visa/ dependent visa / PR visa / Job Search Visa