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Experience perfect work-life balance in Norway

Work in Norway

Norway is popular for being an oil-wealthy nation which does not mean it is the only source of revenue. Norway is technically advanced and the most creative society in the world. People who have degrees in Math, Engineering, Technology, Science, Hospitality, Teaching, and Management fields will find better work opportunities.

Work-Life Balance

An experience that is unique in Norway is people work to live, comparatively, people often live to work. The regular working hours are from 0800 through 1600 hours. The fact of the matter is the working fraternity is extremely efficient and task-oriented at work. After working hours, time is contributed towards family and other activities.

Other factors are that an employee enjoys a high degree of gender equality.

You will also experience an absolute flat organizational structure with high degrees of transparency and ample of work opportunities for international expats

Steps while you search for jobs in Norway

The job market in Norway is huge; a part-time Work Opportunity often leads to a full-time employment opportunity. There are a few selected professions and industries where you can find an opportunity suitable to your ability and experience.

After you make it to Norway, showing interest to learn the Norwegian language and reaching a B2 level will enhance better work opportunities and handsome remuneration. The best way to build a network is to take part in various volunteering programs and attending meetups. Remember a well-written job application will be considered as first priority to offer an international professional with a Work Opportunity in Norway.

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