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What is the JobKeeper payment announced by Australia?

Australia jobkeeper payment

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic many countries around the world have tried their best to protect the interests of the businesses in their country. Australia is no exception. The government here in the recent past has introduced several measures to help the local Australian businesses and their employers.

Among these measures are the introduction of the JobKeeper payment for businesses and employees. We will look at this in more detail.

From 30 March 2020 up to 6 months, affected businesses will be able to demand a fortnightly payment of $1,500 before tax per qualifying employee.

This flat $1,500 a fortnight before tax would be passed on to participating employers as a reimbursement of part or all of the qualifying workers ‘salaries.

All qualifying workers including part-time employees can earn the entire $1,500 from participating employers.  The Australian Tax Office (ATO) will be responsible for managing the JobKeeper payment.

Eligibility conditions for businesses:

Eligibility conditions for employees:

How does the JobKeeper payment work?

Obligations for employees receiving JobKeeper payment:

Employees must receive a note from their employer that they are receiving the JobKeeper payment.

Workers of multiple employers must inform other employers about their primary employer

Workers who are not Australian citizens must report their visa status to their employer so that they can decide whether they are eligible for the JobKeeper payment

Employees already receiving an income support payment from Services Australia (formerly known as Centrelink) must inform them about this new source of income

The JobKeeper payment is an attempt by the Australian government to help businesses and employers in the Coronavirus crisis.

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