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What is the best country for an Overseas Career?

best country for an Overseas Career

While planning to migrate Overseas, people often wonder which country they should choose. Aiming for an Overseas Career is a big decision. It requires a lot of planning, research and expert advice. At times, it may even feel overwhelming to figure out the right place to migrate.

As quoted by, Singapore is the best country to live in. It has ranked high in areas like economy, living experience and tax system. Let’s have a look at what makes it the most favorable country for an Overseas Career.

1. Lucrative salary:

Singapore companies are looking to hire skilled overseas workers. They offer lucrative salary packages to attract them. An average software engineer earns up to 72.000$ annually. Even working as a part time waitress gets a worker around 1100$ per month. Hence, aiming for an overseas career in Singapore is no doubt an advisable decision.

2. Work Permit:

Getting a Work Permit is very easy if Immigrants hold a job offer from Singapore. It takes just a few clicks on the Government website and the result would be out in a day. There is no need for a lengthy documentation procedure like that of other countries.

3. Permanent Residency:

If an Immigrant has spent one year in the country, they can start planning to apply for Permanent Residency. The process is done online and involves no paperwork. The processing would take nearly 6 months.

4. Great for entrepreneurs:

 It takes about 3 days to open a business in Singapore. The entire process is done online. It will be completed within a few hours once Immigrants pay a fee of S$65. The country is given the 1st position by the World Bank for the ease of doing business.

5. Become a millionaire in 10 years:

 People in Singapore accumulate the majority of their wealth in less than 10 years. It is the fastest growing rate in the world. The ease of doing business is definitely one of the main reasons behind that.

However, reports suggest that the work-life balance isn’t quite good in the country. People work for over 5 and half days per week.

Other countries that rank high on the list are New Zealand, Canada and Germany. Let’s see which aspects make them the favorable countries for an overseas career:

  1. New Zealand – The best for wellbeing and better health
  2. Germany – Offers a lot of time out to prevent burn-out
  3. Canada – Offers various programs that ease the Permanent Residency Visa process
  4. Bahrain – Offers the best pay to workers

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