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Vietnam work authorization made easy

Vietnam Work Visa

Vietnam is a developing job market and has been remarkably sustaining impressive growth. This is a gateway for foreigners who are skilled in various fields to make Vietnam a destination for working. To get a Job in Vietnam a work permit authorizes the entry into the country for three years. The skilled expat needs to have a work contract and an employment approved by the local department of labor. On the other hand, the government is making changes to new work permits, renewals, and extends exemptions as well.

The Vietnam government recently streamlined the Work Permit application process by making it easily accessible with a faster processing time. Instead of gathering the documents and submitting at the embassy, the online application is reintroduced to make things quick and easy scheme is recognized and supported by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

The online portal can be used for the submission and management of the work permit applications. A new job application will be approved within 10 business days. After which the work permit will be issued in 5 business days. Post the completion, a 3-year validity work permit renewals and work permit exemptions will be issued in 3 business days.

Documents required for a Vietnam Work Opportunity

After you receive the approval letter, fill in the work permit application form filling in all the necessary credentials such as name, Date of birth, passport number and mention the date of arrival. Pay the Visa Application with any major credit cards.

After two working days, you will receive an official Vietnam work permit approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Print the approval letter. After you arrive in Vietnam give the approval letter, visa application fees receipt and the copy of your passport at the immigrations to receive the visa stamped on your valid passport.

To makes sure you file your applications, online employers also should complete an online registration to create a valid online account. This would be further authenticated if the employer sets up an e-signature which will allow the system to verify each document and their source through assigned service providers exclusively.

This is a benefit to employers bringing skilled workforce in lesser time and for foreign nationals a benefit of a faster processing time. If you have plans to migrate in search of jobs. Contact Y-Axis the world’s best and trusted visa and immigration consultant.

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