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The UK’s new points-based immigration system: Impact on tech sector

UK tech sector new immigration policy

With the UK introducing a points-based immigration system recently, industry sectors in the UK are thinking of how the points-based system will affect their fortunes.

The tech sector in the UK is based on a strong entrepreneurial culture and plays a crucial role in the country’s economy. The sector generates high-productivity jobs and is dependent on immigrant talent. A conducive immigration policy is crucial to its development.

The tech sector in the UK is looking at how the changes in the immigration sector will impact its fortunes. The factors they are considering include:

  1. Tech companies without a sponsor license will now have to consider getting a license because from next year both EU and non-EU citizens who would like to work in the tech sector in the country will have to meet the Tier 2 visa requirements and have to be sponsored by the employer.
  2. The removal of the facility to hire low-skilled workers under the new rules will have a long-term impact on their hiring policies.
  3. The good news is that the removal of the Resident Labor Market requirement removes barriers and will speed up the process to hire the required talent for the sector.
  4. Lowering of the salary threshold will work in its favor.
  5. The specific points awarded to immigrants with STEM skills will give the sector access to more immigrant candidates with these skills.
  6. The lowering of the skill levels to the A-level or equivalent will provide the sector access to a wider pool of talent.

Reaction of the tech sector:

Even if the tech sector in the UK acknowledges the advantages of the new points-based system, they feel that the tech roles in the shortage occupation lists should be regularly reviewed and reflect the needs of the sector.

The highly skilled route for immigration should meet the needs of the sector. They also feel the government needs to simplify the Tier 2 licensing process for tech startups.

With the new system, the country’s tech sector hopes to have access to highly skilled talent from all over the world and continue to build its reputation as a destination for the world’s top tech talent.

UK’s tech sector continues to be fast-growing compared to other sectors of the economy. The new immigration policy, it is hoped will encourage its sustained growth. Open and attractive immigration policy is the best way forward.

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