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Top 5 industry wise job functions Overseas Companies plan to fill in 2018

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Overseas Companies look forward to hiring skilled and talented graduates who will cater to the demands of the organization. The job market is really competitive. Just citing the academic credentials and name of the university will not suffice to obtain your dream Overseas Job.

Even as academic qualifications are becoming more mainstream recruiters are finding ways to discern amongst the interviewees. This is, even more, a pressing demand as hundreds of applicants are screened on a day to day basis. The entire exercise boils down to one simple criterion- the candidates must suit the role and fill the demand, as quoted by the Study International.

When it comes to graduates from Overseas Business Schools, there are 3 top job functions that these graduates must highlight. These are Marketing, Data Analytics, and Business Development.

The latest Corporate Recruiters Survey – GMAC 2018 further highlights the trends for recruitment by Overseas Companies. It reveals that 7 out of 10 overseas employers intend to hire business graduates for the top job functions. The survey has analyzed data from responses by 1,066 overseas employers in 42 nations. These also have direct collaboration with the business schools.

Below are the top 5 industry wise job functions Overseas Companies plan to fill in 2018:



Job Functions



Consulting, Business Development and Data Analytics



Business Development, Finance and Accounting



Finance, Investment Banking and Accounting



Marketing, Business, Development and Finance



Marketing, Business, Development and Data Analytics



Operations, Marketing and Accounting



Human Resources, Accounting and Data Analytics



Marketing, Business Development and Finance

The resume that fresh graduates submit must demonstrate that they can fill the most demanded skills needed by the organization. This is more impactful than just including words such as ‘passion’ and ‘drive’.

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