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Top 5 Canada IT Jobs in-demand for 2018

Canada IT Jobs

Top 5 Canada IT Jobs in-demand for 2018 have been revealed by the latest study of Randstad the Human Resource firm. It gives a detailed analysis of the Canada IT jobs that are in high demand in the Labor market.

Canada IT sector had 488, 000 professionals in 2017 and added 11, 500 fresh jobs. Almost 50% of the new jobs were created in Toronto with 5,000 jobs. Montreal and Toronto created 2,000 jobs each.

The study says that Tech sector remains the Top Job Sector in Canada. It is adding fresh jobs for analysts and developers of all kinds. The report comes even as Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada is scheduled to visit San Francisco for the first time. He will be promoting Canada as the choice for US tech firms, as quoted by the CIC News.

The study gives a finer analysis of its findings for the IT sector. It says that Developers who possess twin knowledge of back-end and front-end coding are in huge demand in Canada. This is even truer for full stack Developers.

The Top 5 Canada IT Jobs in-demand for 2018 are:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Web Developer
  4. Program Analyst
  5. Java Developer

Average IT Salaries for Canadian cities are:

Sl no

Canadian City

Average IT Salary in $ per year



61 – 125 K



58 – 124 K



57 – 125 K



56 – 119 K



55 – 119 K



57 –  116 K



45 – 101 K


Quebec City

42 – 91 K


There is a huge demand for IT workers in Canada. This has resulted in Canada and several of its provinces implementing Tech specific immigration programs. It is with the intention of facilitating their quick arrival to Canada.

The Global Talent Stream was created by the Federal government in 2017. This was done with the intention to quicken the process of offering Work Permits to highly skilled immigrants for diverse Tech occupations.

The provinces in Canada also have initiatives aimed at the IT sector immigrant professionals. Weekly draws for tech professionals with a job offer is held by British Columbia through Tech Pilot Program. Ontario also targets Tech workers through its Human Capital Priorities stream.

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