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The top 10 US Tech jobs for new graduates

US Tech jobs

The top 10 US Tech jobs for new graduates are topped by Senior Developers with an average annual salary of $109,957. The list was announced by Comparably, the compensation and salary website.

For most Gen Z US College graduates raised by screens, there are 5 permanent sources of distraction and work. These are old-fashioned TV, Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, and the Laptop.

Generation Z born between 1996 and 2000 is known as the lost collective in history most intimate to technology. They exist in a virtual world dominated by Entertainment, Enhancement, and Expression.

The Tech sector has been required to transform the job roles to go with the requirement of highly skilled graduates. This is due to being exposed to advanced computing skills and cutting-edge software.

Comparably discovered the top 10 US Tech jobs for new graduates through 1000s of anonymous records for salary. This is for Tech workers in the age range of 18 to 24 years. It is by examining diverse aspects of the most sought after job roles, as quoted by Study International.

All ethnicities, genders, and education levels have been included. The salaries are not inclusive of equity, stocks, or bonus.

Rank  US Tech Job  Average annual salary in US$ 
1.  Senior Developer  $109,957 
2.  Lead Engineer  $103,237 
3  Mobile Developer  $92,654 
4.  Data Scientist  $88,813 
5.  Product Manager  $87,947 
6.  Dev Ops Engineer  $86,094 
7.  User Interface (UI) Designer / User Experience (UX) Designer  $71,691 
8.  Business Development Manager  $68,588 
9.  Marketing Manager  $67,687 
10.  Business Analyst  $67,364 


Mobile Developer:

Those who choose this role will be likely to work chiefly on the latest mobile devices’ applications. Comparable job roles include Android Developer and IOS Developer.

Essential Skills: Latest mobile user interface design ability, app development for cross-platform, back-end computing skills, and language programming skills.

Lead Engineer:

This job profile requires great managerial and communication skills being responsible for managing a group of Engineers.

Essential Skills: Participation in cooperative engineering programs, Degree in Engineering or Management Science.

Senior Developer:

Senior Developers are also known as Software Engineers. They oversee projects like App Development Web Development and Coding.

Essential Skills: JSON, JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS, mobile-optimised web applications and content.

Comparably found while reflecting on the data that women are being paid additionally on an average for more than 50% of the roles. For example, female Senior Developers, Mobile Developers, and Lead Engineers were all drawing advanced salaries.

Employees in Silicon Valley/ San Francisco were paid the maximum for more than 50% of the displayed roles.

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