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Top 10 Australian Industries with Jobs Growth – 2018

Top 10 Australian Industries with Jobs Growth – 2018

16 out of the 19 broad Australian Industries are projected to witness jobs growth in 2018. Health Care and Social Assistance will be the leading sector with an increase of 229, 400 jobs or 16% growth.

Rank Australian Industry Growth of Jobs
1. Health Care and Social Assistance 229,400
2. Education and Training 118,800
3. Retail Trade 98,200
4. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 88,700
5. Construction 83,500
6. Accommodation and Food Services 55, 200
7. Public Administration and Safety 48, 500
8. Administrative and Support Services 37, 300
9. Transport, Postal and Warehousing 32, 100
10. Financial and Insurance Services 20, 700

The Education and Training sector in Australia will be the second leading industry with an increase of 118,800 jobs or 13.3%. It will be followed by Retail Trade with the growth of 98,200 jobs or 7.8%. The Professional, Scientific and Technical Services will the fourth-ranking sector with growth of 88, 700 jobs or 9.9%. This will be followed by the Construction sector with an increase of 83,500 jobs or 8%, as quoted by the CICA Org Au.

The top 5 Australian industries are projected to contribute to more than 2/3rds of growth of Jobs in Australia by November 2018.

Meanwhile, employment is projected to decrease in Forestry & Fishing, Agriculture & Mining, and Manufacturing industries. The decline of jobs in Fishing, Forestry and Agriculture with 2800 or 0.9% is the continued trend in these sectors. It is also owing to the steady investment of these sectors in labor-saving equipment and plant.

The Mining sector in Australia is also projected to witness a decline in jobs with 12,300 or 4.5%. It is against the backdrop of the anticipated peak in the capital expenditure. This is also owing to the transition of new mines to less labor-intensive phase of operations from the construction phase.

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