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Successful Overseas Entrepreneurs share 4 valuable career lessons

Overseas Entrepreneurs

Stories of successful people including Overseas Entrepreneurs are captivating. The wisdom and knowledge of these stories can help us in navigating our own paths. Here are 4 valuable career lessons that they have shared with us:

  1. Work on what you believe in:

The CEO of Creative Live and award-winning Photographer Chase Jarvis said that you must commit to the giant vision. It is possible for people to detect when you become transactional in your selling, he added. You must ask yourself what is your ‘why’, said Jarvis as quoted by the CNBC.

Why are you selling this product/service? Why will it make a difference to your customers? My customers could sense that I had authenticity as soon as I found my ‘why”, said Jarvis.

  1. Use failures to build stepping stones for success:

Co-founder of Clear Banc and Investor Michele Romanow said that you may not succeed always. However, running away from something just because it is tough or uncomfortable is a missed growth opportunity. You must take failures and hardships in stride and utilize them for your advantage he adds.

  1. Empower yourself:

A best-selling Sales Trainer, Author, and Speaker Grant Cardone said that the best investment he ever made was when he was 25 years. Make it a practice to constantly strive to be a better you. You must try to become as knowledgeable as possible in your career, he adds.

If you plan to own a firm or already own one, you will be required to don many hats. You will need to be your own Financial Officer, Receptionist, Secretary –everything you name it.

  1. Over-prepare for every presentation, call, and pitch:

A Sales Consultant and Best-selling Author Neil Rackham said that is crucial to be prepared. It compels you to understand how best to conduct yourself and what you are working with, he adds.

Neil Rackham outlines his meeting plan by writing 3 or 4 questions before heading out for a sales call. He would like to ask these to his prospective clients.

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