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Staffing Firms have to name clients for US Work Visas

US Work Visas

Employers planning to place skilled guest workers with US Work Visas at 3rd party client sites will have to name the clients along with their addresses. This is specifically for those with H-1B visas.

The US Department of Labor has revealed the new labor condition application on 19 November. This form is the first step for employers who seek US Work Visas such as the H-1B. The agency said that the use of the form is mandatory from now onwards, as quoted by the Bloomberg Law.

The figures for H-1B visa rejections have increased in the recent past. This is also the case with Requests for Proof to support the H-1B applications to the USCIS. US Citizenship and Immigration Services has also proposed to revoke the Work Visas for families of H-1B Visa holders.

US firms have fruitfully lobbied for moderate visa policies for STEM workers for several years now. STEM graduates obtain a 2 –year Visa for OPT – optional practical training. This allows them to be employed in the US.

Meanwhile, overseas students graduating from non-STEM areas obtain 1-year OPT Visa. A vast proportion of the H-1B visas are offered to the STEM workers.

Firms in the US, especially IT has been vocal about the shortage of STEM employees. This will deteriorate owing to the policies of Trump, they add. Microsoft has even cautioned that jobs will be moved out of the US. This is if the policies of curbing by Trump become effective and result in an increased shortage of workers.

On the other hand, many are lobbying against immigration in the US. They are asserting that there is no shortage. Instead, there is a surplus of STEM workers they claim. This group appears to be winning in the last 2 years under Trump.

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