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Singapore needs more immigrant workers to boost its economy

Singapore Work Visa

Overseas immigrants who are a part of the Workforce in Singapore contribute to increasing the volume of its economy in the form of diverse taxation such as Goods and Services tax, CPF payments, property tax and income tax. Their contribution is on par with a Singaporean national.

For instance, a brilliant and skilled teacher at the high school level in Indonesia cannot earn more than 5000 dollars annually. The same teacher in Singapore will be easily earning around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars with ease. Thus immigration is the need of the hour for diverse economic and social reasons as well, as quoted by Libertarianism SG.

It is nothing more than the principle of self-entitled proclamation that is behind the idea of restricting immigrants for reserving jobs for natives in Singapore. In the global world, there exists no right to a job or a pay scale; there is only the right to freedom of movement from one nation to another for political freedom or better standards of living.

The demands for protection of jobs for Singapore natives from the Overseas Immigrants are actually seriously misguided. This was never a birthright in Singapore and no amount of slogans and protests can mask these deliberate claims of self-entitlement.

In case if there exists something such as the so-called right to the job, then why the youth in Singapore need to avail higher education and why there must be any training programs for the betterment of skills? In any case, the jobs will be reserved for natives in Singapore and there is no need for them to work hard and refine their skills.

Singaporeans, who have the privilege of being born in the first-world nation, have no moral rights to stop an overseas immigrant from shaping a career for himself in Singapore.

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