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Are you returning to your overseas job after a career break?

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Returning to your overseas job after a career break can be a daunting process. Here we present the 5 simple steps to make it less daunting:

1) Begin with the aim in mind

Identify your goals initially. Be clear on what will work for you depending on your personal circumstances and what you want. Think about what you intend to achieve from your job. Consider what location, role, salary, hours etc will be suitable.

2) Up-skilling /Training

Assess what are the skills demanded by the current job market. Compare these with your skill sets and identify any gaps that may exist. After this, specifically, choose courses that will assist you to bridge the gap.

3) Explore your choices

This is the ideal chance to step outside your comfort zone by trying something new. Have an open frame of mind. Consider using your experience, knowledge, and skills in a new way. Also, think over what new opportunities exist for acquiring and using new skills.

4) Positivity and Preparation

You must stand apart from the competition and demonstrate the value addiction that you can bring to the company. This is both in your Resume and during the process of the interview, as quoted by the Independent IE.

A positive mindset will help you to remain motivated. Organizations would like to hire people with a positive approach. You will definitely get an edge if you can demonstrate this in the interview.

5) Sustainable achievement

Ensure to take out time for doing things outside of your work that you enjoy. This will offer you the chance to unwind, de-stress and recharge yourself. Eventually, this will assist you in better performance in your new overseas job and reaping rewards.

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