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Canada to raise age of dependent children to 22 from October

Canad Dependent Visa

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada), the immigration body of Canada, said that it would increase the maximum age of dependent children to 22 who could be included on an Immigration Application to Canada.

From 24 October 2017, main applicants could include their children aged 21 and below if they are neither married nor are in a common-law relationship on their application for immigration.

At present, children below the age of 19 could be included on an immigration application to Canada. Prior to 1 August 2014, the maximum age of dependent children was below 22. In other words, the recent change in rules characterises a return to the dependent child’s definition.

The new definition of dependent child is applicable to progeny featuring on permanent residence applications through family, economic and asylum seeker programs. Hereafter, this change would be relevant for applications submitted on 24 October and beyond.

Included under dependent children are people aged 22 and more who have been Financially dependent on their parent(s) prior to the age of 22 and may not be in a position to financially sustain themselves owing to a mental or a physical condition.

CIC News quotes IRCC as affirming that change in age limit will not be applicable retroactively to applications submitted on 1 August 2014 and later until prior to October 24, 2017.

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