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Do you want to boost your overseas career in Data Analytics?

Do you want to boost your overseas career in Data Analytics

A Certification can definitely boost your overseas career in Data Analytics and enhance your chances of getting hired. The latest report from Microsoft has revealed that 91% of Hiring Managers asserted that certification was a major factor in the process of candidate selection.

Below are some of the diverse job titles that you can qualify with a professional Data Analytics certification:

You become eligible across several domains:

Retail, Entertainment, Healthcare, Finance, Marketplaces, and E-Commerce are just a few of the industries that are leveraging the data analytics power today. Certification in Data Analytics can make qualify you for diverse relevant jobs. These include Statistician, Business Intelligence, Project Manager, Data Scientist, and Solution Architect.

Less investment required than learning OJT or a College Degree:

College degrees cost more and take longer comparatively. Also, students spend much time and money learning many general academics. Professional certification equips them with the practical training preparing for their inclined industry.

OJT – on the job learning is highly unstructured and also takes a long time. You may also end up making preventable errors that can cost significantly to your overseas career.

Demonstrate your level of self-motivation and passion:

You will be demonstrated as an individual who is serious about your career to potential employers and professional peers. This is through certification on your resume. Majority of hiring managers seek candidates who are sincere and driven regarding job aspirations.

Defines your reliability:

Your skills are validated by a certification. First preference is often given to candidates with professional training from an accredited institute. This is during the hiring process for a Data Analyst by organizations, as quoted by the Analytics India Mag.

Enhances your Salary:

The national average salary of a Data Analyst in the US is 58, 522 $ according to the PayScale Com. However, the salary of professionals tends to reflect the change as professionals grow in the data analytics field and gain more experience. Somebody such as a Data Scientist with a highly advanced position in the industry tends to earn an annual salary of 139, 840 $.

Updates you with the newest industry trends:

Certification in Data Analytics will update with you the latest industry trends. The key to expanding your knowledge base is to keep learning something new every day. You will be short of time to learn these from multiple sources if you are a working professional.

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