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Minimum wage for all Amazon UK and US employees is hiked!

Minimum wage for all Amazon UK and US employees is hiked

The internet retail giant Amazon has said that it has increased its minimum wage per hour for all UK and US employees with effect from 1 November 2018. The wage will be increased to 15$ per hour for all its US employees. This is applicable to 250,000 existing employees and 100,000 additional seasonal workers who will be hired during vacation.

Amazon said in a statement that the minimum wage per hour for its employees in the London area will be increased to 10.50 pounds or 13.60 $. It will be increased to 9.50 pounds for its employees in the rest of the UK. This will be applicable to around 37,000 existing and seasonal employees.

The E-commerce behemoth has been affected by lawsuits in the past few years. It had been alleged that it utilizes contract employees to evade rules and cut costs overseas and in the US.

Bernie Sanders former presidential candidate and Vermont Senator has charged that Amazon wages are too low. Many of them have to seek public assistance, he added.

Jeff Bezos the Amazon Chief Executive Officer said that we have listened to our critics for a while now. We have given an elaborate thought regarding our future course of action. It was decided that we must lead, added the CEO, as quoted by the Economic Times.

We are excited about this modification and persuade other large employers and our competitors to join us said, Jeff Bezos. The lobbyists of the company will also advocate an increase in federal minimum US wages. This remains at 7.25 $ per hour after 2009.

Amazon’s latest minimum wage per hour in the UK exceeds the supposed London Living Wage at 10.20 pounds. This has been adopted by some of the businesses in the UK.

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