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Jobs outlook in UAE for 2023

Posted on January 7, 2023
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How is UAE Job Market in 2023?

  • 1000’s of Job vacancies available for skilled Indian workers.
  • 5 states – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah have high job vacancies
  • UAE averaged a 6.1% annual GDP growth rate (as of 2020)
  • Unemployment rate in UAE is 3.50%
  • Working hours are 48 hours per week
  • High Salaries and better benefits for the employee and their families
  • UAE offers an unemployment insurance scheme for immigrants
  • 4 states of UAE provide Jobless insurance
  • Golden visa to provide long-term residence permit for foreign talent

Job outlook in UAE, 2023

UAE, the Arab world’s second-largest economy, has been undertaking many legal, economic, and social reforms over the years. UAE has been attracting many skilled workers with various new visas and providing incentives for the setup and expansion of different companies.

The UAE has a huge job market with growing businesses, new projects, international investments, etc.

A recent survey of jobs in UAE and hiring trends has given a lot of hope for foreign immigrants. Every 7 out of 10 firms in UAE, meaning 70% of the UAE firms, are planning to recruit a new employee based on their skill set and qualifications.

 Based on the same survey, around 50% of organizations hire foreign immigrants who make themselves available within 3 months. The UAE firms have been increasing their salaries to attract more skilled immigrants. 86% of the working professionals have a positive career outlook for the next 5 years.

 The UAE government has introduced a new savings pension plan for public sector employees to encourage foreign immigrants. 50% of the UAE firms look to recruit highly skilled foreign immigrants with suitable education qualifications.

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Top industries that have a high number of jobs in UAE, 2023

There are various sectors or industries that have high job vacancies in UAE. They are:

IT (Information Technology)

UAE’s widely developed IT infrastructure contributes to science and technology-based innovations. IT is the third highest earning economy for UAE. It is believed that the IT industry in UAE has around USD 1 Trillion inaccessible investment. The Digital Economy of the UAE contributes 4.3% to the UAE’s GDP.

Currently, the IT sector in UAE requires skilled workers as there is a workforce shortage in the country. An IT employee in UAE can earn up to ARD 6,500/ month. The following table depicts the different roles an IT professional can do and earn competitive monthly wages.

Various roles in Information Technology (IT) Average wages per month
IT Administrator AED  3000
IT Support AED  4000
IT Systems Engineer AED 10000
MIS specialist AED 11000
Project Manager AED 33000
IT Service Manager AED  4000
Helpdesk IT Engineer AED  9000
IT Field Support AED  6000
IT Systems Administrator AED  8000
IT Tech Support Engineer AED  6000

Sales & Marketing

In the current scenario, sales and Marketing are some of the top roles among UAE employers. There is a 20% hike in hiring Sales and Marketing employees, and this percentage is expected to increase in the next 3 years.

Around 52% of employers are searching for skilled Sales and Marketing professionals as they face a talent shortage. A Sales professional can earn an average wage of AED 5,500 per month; a marketing professional can earn an average salary is AED 5845/per month.

Various roles in Sales Average wages per month
Sales AED 5000
Service Sales Engineer AED 17000
Sales coordinator AED 7000
Sales Executive AED 13500
Sales Manager AED 10000
Sales Assistant AED  5000
Sales Promoters AED 5000
Customer Service Supervisor AED 8000
Executive Sales AED 4000
Sales Consultant AED 4000

The table below shows the various roles an individual can play as a Marketing professional and the average monthly wages.

Various roles in Marketing Average wages per month
Marketing Executive AED 18000
SM Marketing Manager AED   9000
Marketing Manager AED 12000
Marketing Administrator AED   4000
Marketing Assistant AED   4000
Marketing Co-ordinator AED   7000
Digital Marketing Executive AED   4000
Brand Marketing Specialist AED 15000
Performance Marketing Executive AED 15000
Growth Marketing Manager AED 25000

Finance & Accounting

UAE predicts strong growth in Finance and Accounting jobs. Sometimes both are different roles depending on the employer. UAE currently has a shortage of Finance and Accounting professionals. A Finance and Accounting professional can earn up to AED 7,500 per month.

The table below shows various roles in Finance & Accounting occupations and the average wages per month that are earned.

Various roles in Finance and Accounting Average wages per month
Accounting and Finance Executive AED 15000
Finance Manager AED 22000
Strategy Analyst AED 14000
Finance & Banking Specialist AED 15000
Risk & Audit Manager AED 20000
Trading Officer AED 9000
Senior Accountant Specialist AED 12000
Senior Financial & Planning Analyst AED 18000
Managing Director AED 20000
Logistics Coordinator & Admin Assistant AED 7000


UAE has a high demand for Healthcare professionals, and it is considered one of the top demand job for trained professionals in 2023. This shortage of workforce is expected to continue for the next 5 years.

UAE has a history of migration of Healthcare professionals for decades. Since the last two years, the demand has increased post-pandemic. A healthcare professional can earn up to AED 7188/ month.

Various roles in Healthcare Average wages per month
Registered Nurse AED 7500
Physiotherapist AED 6000
Clinic Manager AED 5000
Dietician AED 10000
Diagnostic radiographer AED 5625
Physician AED 15000
Paediatricians AED 12500
Childcare AED 5250


UAE is a most reputable destination for the Hospitality sector as Hotel businesses are one of the broader economies of the country. UAE has a thriving Hospitality industry and has enormous growth prospects. A Hospitality professional can earn AED 8000 per month on average. The growth in opportunities is expected to increase next 5 years.

Other jobs that are in demand across UAE in 2023. They are:

Jobs in demand in UAE Jobs in demand in UAE
Psychologist Project managers
AI, machine learning specialists Supply chain professionals
Machine learning expert Data scientists
Cyber security specialist Cabin crew
Researchers Engineers
Digital transformers Technicians
Web designers Automation experts
Digital market experts Business development professionals

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Apply for a UAE work visa

Step 1: Check your eligibility – In order to apply for a UAE work visa, it is essential to check an individual’s eligibility.

  • Must be 18 years of age or more
  • A valid employer’s license
  • The job must be in line with the employer’s nature of business.

Step 2: Choose your work visa- To work in UAE, an individual must be either a Graduate and/or Post-Graduate and/or High school diploma holder. An individual can get a work permit based on the candidate’s profile.

Types of work permits

  • Residence permits for contractual employment
  • Green Visa

Step 3: Get your qualifications recognized– It is essential to apply for a work permit. An individual must get their qualifications recognized before applying for a UAE work permit.

Step 4: Arrange a checklist of requirements – Gather and arrange the required documents to submit for obtaining a work permit. Always checklist the documents that are necessary during applying for a work visa.

Documents that are needed

  • An Emirates ID
  • Entry permit from UAE Ministry of Labor
  • Medical Screening document
  • Company card and License

Step 5: Apply for UAE Work Visa – When all the documentation is ready, pay the work permit fees and submit your profile.

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