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Jobs outlook in Canada for 2020

Jobs in Canada

The job outlook for Canada for 2020, indicates job opportunities in the manufacturing, food, retail, construction, education, warehousing, and transportation sectors. There are job opportunities in STEM-related fields and the healthcare sector as well.

 The following career fields are expected to have around 15,000 job openings across Canada over the next six years.

Healthcare: The healthcare sector is expected to see an increase in job opportunities in the next six years. A rise in the number of the elderly population and a rise in the number of chronic diseases within the population has resulted in an increased demand for healthcare staff. Doctors, nurses, and critical care staff are in short supply.

There will be a demand for doctors, healthcare managers, registered nurses, medical technicians, and cardiac technicians.

Business and finance: Financial analysts, financial administrators, finance, credit, and investment administrators are among the top openings in this field. The next six years are expected to see a massive demand for financial analysts.

Engineering sector:  Engineering jobs will be available in the civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial, and manufacturing sector.

Technology sector: The IT sector is currently the fastest-growing sector in Canada. Professionals in information and communication technology can hope to earn an average salary higher than the national average by 49 percent.

Software engineers, computer programmers, graphic designers, etc. are among the top openings in this sector.

Legal sector:  The legal field provides growing job opportunities. However, people from other countries who want to practice law in Canada must get the required accreditation. They will need to go through the National Accreditation Committee re-certification process. This committee will evaluate its law credentials.

Community and social service sector: Lots of Canadian citizens need social assistance. It means that social care and voluntary staff will be in demand. If you have the required qualifications, you can opt for a fulfilling career in these fields.

Because Canada is a large country, rates of employment and wages may vary between provinces and territories. Most migrants, however, prefer to settle in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto, by looking for appropriate job openings.

Job outlook after COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic, it is predicted will create a negative impact on economies of affected countries including Canada. However, the consensus among economists is that once the pandemic reduces in intensity, the Canadian and global economies will recover relatively quickly.

This means immigrants to Canada will also have more job opportunities.

Canada’s pre-Coronavirus economy is an indication of what we can expect once the economy is back to normal.

The unemployment rate in Canada was at an all-time low before the Coronavirus pandemic. Canadians and immigrants will both benefit from the post-Coronavirus economic recovery. Canada is expected to tackle job shortages again in the coming years, and more aggressively than before COVID-19 when 9 million baby boomers in Canada will reach retirement age in the next decade.

In the post-pandemic scenario, the demand for certain jobs may increase, these can include jobs in manufacturing, warehouses, or health and safety administration when more people rejoin work.

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