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Ireland has a perfect ambience for Overseas Start-ups

Ireland has a perfect ambience for Overseas Start-ups

Ireland has a perfect ambience for Overseas Start-ups says 27 years Alpa Agarwal from Udaipur city in Rajasthan. She had launched her Start-up in Ireland 4 years ago – Allmin Resources. There is no looking back for this young Entrepreneur ever since.

Alpa took the decision to become Entrepreneur 4 years back. This was while pursuing her Master’s in Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation, and Innovation. It was at the University College Cork in Ireland.

Allmin Resources currently has a yearly turnover of roughly 2 million. It would not have been possible to run a successful business in Ireland without all the support and love that I have been getting said Alpa.

Ireland has a great ambience for Overseas Start-ups as well as community support said Alpa. The proximity to my customers in the US and Europe led me to launch my Start-up here, she added.

We were collaborating with Start-ups based in Ireland and other EU nations during the Master’s program said Alpa. We were charting their acceleration and growth strategies. The assessment was not through exams but through the success of these strategies she added.

This helped me to understand the whole Start-up ecosystem in Europe says the young Entrepreneur. I began to work towards launching my own firm after completion of my Master’s degree said Alpa. It was launched in 2015, she adds.

Managing my business from Ireland is easy says Alpa. It is located strategically and offers access to both the US and European markets. One also receives a substantial advantage when it comes to corporate tax, informed Alpa. It is 12.5% here in comparison with India that has a rate of tax at 25% she adds.

The Ireland Study Visa also offers a stay back of 1 year said Alpa. This can be used effectively for searching jobs or starting own business, she explains.

Alpa Agarwal now holds an Ireland Residential Visa. This is under the Start-up Entrepreneurship program. It offers the permit to potential overseas entrepreneurs. This is after their business fulfils the requirement, as quoted by the Times of India.

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