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The process for Ireland Critical Skills Job Permits

Ireland Critical Skills Job Permits

The Ireland Critical Skills Job Permits are designed with the aim of attracting highly skilled individuals into the workforce. This is to encourage them to opt for Permanent Residency status in Ireland.

Qualified occupations under the Ireland Critical Skills Job Permits are considered to be critically vital. This is for the growth of the economy of Ireland. They are also deemed to be highly skilled and in high demand. These are in a major shortage of supply in the Ireland labour market.

Occupations that are catered through this Ireland Work Visa include Technologists, Professional Engineers, and ICT Professionals.

The Process:

The applications for Ireland Critical Skills Job Permits must be submitted minimum of 12 weeks prior to the proposed commencement of employment. It can be submitted online through the Online System for Employment Permits. Applicants can refer to the Critical Skills Employment Permit Checklist that will assist them in the process.

Applications can be filed online through the Online System for Employment Permits. It has a User Guide that guides the applicants through the application process. It also has a list of documents that are required for each type of Ireland Work Visa.

The Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit has 3 stages in the application process:

Application Received:

The application is positioned in the appropriate processing queue based on the type of employer – Standard or Trusted Partner. This is after the application has been filed with associated fees if appropriate.

It must be noted that the applications are processed exactly by date in order of the type of employer. Applicants can track the up to date processing dates in the system. They can also update themselves with the advancement of their particular application online. This is on the new facility Online Status Update Enquiry by the Ireland Immigration Department.

Processing Stage:

In this stage, the application is evaluated by a decision making authority, an Immigration Officer who has the authority to make decisions.  The officer can ask for extra details if needed and this must be provided within 28 days. The application will then be approved by the officer or rejected for precise reasons.


Applicants can request for the review of the decision for refusal, as quoted by the DBEI GOV IE. The review application must be filed within 28 days through the Review Form Submission of a Decision. The re-evaluation will be done by a separate and superior officer.

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