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Oxford University sued for 1million pounds by an Indian student for lax teaching

oxford university

The Oxford University has been sued by an immigrant student from India for a sum of 1 million pounds. He asserted that awfully low standard and dull teaching at the university had resulted in him scoring a second class performance at the degree exams. This has resulted in decreased revenue for his as a lawyer, he claimed.

A student at the Brasenose College in the Oxford University, Faiz Siddiqui, had studied modern history here. He has blamed that the teaching staff at the college was careless regarding the instruction imparted for Indian imperial history that was his subject of specialization. As a result, he secured low grades in the year 2000, as heard by the London High Court. The court is expected to pass its verdict by the end of this month.

Roger Mallalieu the lawyer representing Siddiqui’s case has said that the issue was that out of the seven teaching staff at the college in the University who were for instructing History of Asia, four teachers were on a long leave at the same time. This was for the academic year 1999-2000, as quoted by The Sunday Times.

If not for the lower grades he scored in his academics due to the careless instruction imparted by the teachers, Siddiqui asserts that he would have had a rewarding career as an international legal counsel.

He made a particular reference to the lackluster teaching of the subject South Indian History by David Washbrook. The legal counsel for Siddiqui, Mallalieu blamed that the instruction imparted by the renowned historian was a victim of unbearable difficulty created by the scarcity of teaching staff.

Mallalieu also clarified that the intention was not to accuse Washbrook in his personal capacity but to highlight the university’s failure in permitting this lapse to occur.

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