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How to apply for Austria work visa?

Austria work visa

The European nation of Austria has one of its oldest economies which makes it a choice overseas career destination. Other factors in its favor include a high standard of living and opportunities for professional growth. Here are the work visa options available if you think of working in Austria.

Citizens of non-EU countries must have the relevant work permit to work in Austria and live there. They will also require a work permit to stay longer than six months in the country.

The different types of work visas are:

Red-White-Red Card: It is valid for two years, and the visa is linked with a specific employer. If you change your employer within those two years, you will have to apply for a new Red-White-Red card.

The following categories of individuals are eligible for this card:

Red-White-Red card plus: Employers who have worked with the same employer for a minimum of 21 months in the past 24 months are eligible>

The privileges of the Red-White-Red plus visa include:

Six-month residence visa: Those who wish to move to Austria to find a job temporarily can apply for this visa, which, as the name suggests, is valid for six months.

Students’ residence permit: Students who have completed their studies or relevant training in Australia can renew their residence permit for 12 more months to find a job or start a business.

Requirements to obtain a work visa

The Red-White-Red card is the most popular visa that overseas employees apply for. It is given to applicants after assessing them on a points-based system. The applicants must have enough points based on age, education, professional experience, language skills, etc.

Applicants are assessed by the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS), which will evaluate the applicant and decide on the number of points. This will determine whether the applicant is eligible for the visa. For instance, highly-skilled workers will require 70 points, whereas skilled workers in shortage occupations will need 55 points.

The AMS will also decide which category the applicant falls under, such as highly skilled or skilled workers who can fill shortages.

The requirements to apply for a visa vary with the type of visa the applicant is trying for. However, there is a standard list of documents required; these include:

To meet the eligibility criteria, applicants must submit the following proof:

Application process:

Applicants must submit the relevant document at the local Austrian embassy and pay the required fees, which vary with the type of visa. The application fees for the Red-White-Red card, including the payment for the form, are around 150 Euros.

You can apply for a permanent residency after living in Austria for five years. Remember that the Austrian work permit does not permit occupancy. For this, you will have to apply for a separate residence permit. You will have to show your work permit, income statement, and a letter from your employer.

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