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How to apply for a permit to work in France

How to apply for a permit to work in France

If you are thinking of working overseas, then France can be a good choice. France offers a number of options in case of long stay work visa. If you plan to stay in France for more than three months for work purposes then you must apply for any one of these work visas. The eligibility requirements for these visas will vary and one must meet the visa requirements for the particular visa one is applying for. The various visa categories are:

French Salaried Employees Visa:

This visa is for those who wish to work in France for up to a year. One must submit a work contract from the employee for this visa which is endorsed by the DIRECCTE (Direction regionale des enterprises, de la concurrence et de la consummation, du travail et de l’emploi).

French Work Visa for Professionals and independent workers:

There are some professions such as doctors, lawyers, architects, bailiffs, notaries, judicial administrators and insurance general agents, that requires authorization from the relevant professional body. If you belong to any of these professions ensure that you have the relevant authorization before you apply for a visa.

French International Organization work visa

This visa is for individuals working with an international organization who have to go on an official assignment to France.

Documents required

To be able to work in France, one requires a residence permit and a work permit. The documents required for a work permit application are:

Application process

You can book an appointment online. Some countries do not offer this option, in which case you will need to go to the embassy or consulate and book an appointment personally.

On the day of your interview, pay the visa fees and save the receipt you receive, as you will need it as proof of having paid the fee.

Attend the interview

On the day of your appointment take care to be on time for the interview.

Getting a work permit is the first crucial step to work in France.

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