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Canadian unemployment rate dips to record low in November

Canadian unemployment rate

The Canadian unemployment rate reached a record low in the month of November 2018. It lowered to 5.6% as per the Labour Force Survey monthly report of Statistics Canada. This figure has not yet been reached so far after comparable data has been accessible since 1976.

The unemployment rate is defined by Statistics Canada. It is the figure of people unemployed as a % of the labor force in Canada, as quoted by the CIC News. Around 19 million individuals were employed in Canada in 2018 November. This is an increase of 0.5% over the last month.

6 Canadian provinces witnessed increased employment in November. These were led by Alberta and Quebec that posted the highest gains.

The number of employed people increased by 26,000 in Quebec in the month. This was owing to full-time work as per Statistics Canada. 1 million plus people were employed in November in Quebec. The rate of unemployment in the province was 5.4%, even lower than the national average of 5.6%.

Employment increased by 24,000 in Alberta. This was also due to full-time jobs. Ontario also witnessed an increase in employment as 20,000 more individuals were employed.

The rate of increase in employment was also witnessed by British Columbia. 16,000 more individuals were employed in the province than the last month. Its rate of unemployment was 4.4% in November, which is among the lowest in Canada.

Employment gains were also posted by the prairie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The employment increased by 2,600 and 5,500 respectively in these provinces.

Statistics Canada also revealed the sectors that witnessed significant gains in employment in November. These were Technical, Scientific, and Professional services. They witnessed an increase of 26,000 with most gains in Quebec and Ontario.

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