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As the Coronavirus crisis is slowing down, countries across the world will now be looking at ways to rebuild their economy. To help with this, governments of many countries including Canada have pledged financial aid to businesses and workers.

Apart from this governments should be willing to focus on the development of all sectors of the economy for a better rate of recovery from the Coronavirus crisis. Industry leaders in Canada are reiterating this aspect and are also focusing on the need to encourage the growth of the technology sector post the pandemic.

Thrust on technology sector

Many industries in Canada are dependent on the technology companies to meet their technology needs which include cyber security, artificial intelligence, data privacy, e-commerce, clean technology and advanced manufacturing. This point was the focus of a white paper titled: The Post-Viral Pivot: How Canada’s Tech Startups Can Drive the Recovery from COVID-19.

 The white paper examines how the tech start-ups in Canada can lead the country to economic recovery and how they require support from the government. The study discovered the positive fact that many of the tech companies in Canada saw growth during the pandemic and were able to take advantage of the adversity. This is because the companies were well-placed to meet the new market demands based on the COVID-19 situation and they adapted quickly to the changes triggered by the pandemic.

Another positive fallout is these tech companies are looking for talent even from outside Canada to meet their business demand during the pandemic and to support their growth after the pandemic. Let us look at six tech companies in Canada that are hiring at present.


This e-commerce company with its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario has job openings for jobs in engineering, security, data science, UX design. The company saw a 47 percent growth in the first quarter of this year compared to the first quarter of last year.


Cyclica is a biotechnology company based in Toronto, Ontario that uses artificial intelligence and biophysics for the development of new drugs.

The firm is involved in testing existing drugs with proteins in the body and predicting the possible side effects using artificial intelligence.  it is working with other pharma companies to find possible treatments for COVID-19.

Cyclica belongs to the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing sector. The employment in this sector is up by 6 percent since 2009. At present this company is hiring for computational scientists and software developers.


Tealbook has a huge database of millions of suppliers which came in handy to firms dependent on supply chains. Since their existing supply chains were disrupted by the Coronavirus crisis, they were on the lookout for alternative/new vendors. Tealbook is providing the crucial information from the database they had built over the years. They offered limited free access to their database and rolled out affordable pricing models to provide access.

To meet the growing demand for their services they are looking for senior developers and product managers.

Dialogue Technologies

Based in Montreal the company offers virtual healthcare services which is paid for by health insurance or an employer. This telehealth business was doing well even before the pandemic, COVID-19 has created an increased demand for their services. The company is now providing a free virtual tool called Chloe which provides the latest information on the pandemic. To meet the sudden increase in demand for their services, the company is looking to ramp up to 600 employees in the coming months. They are looking for physicians, therapists, nurses, app developers, salespeople and technology support.

Mind Beacon

Based in Toronto Mind Beacon offers digital mental-health services. There has been an increase in demand for their services since the pandemic began. The company is hiring for positions such as therapists across the country.


OpenText is involved with enterprise information management software. Ever since the pandemic began, they have been helping businesses adopt to new ways of working. They are looking for people in sales and accounts. 

 Hiring in the tech sector

Hiring in the tech sector continues despite the restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus situation and the government’s visa programs such as the Global Talent Stream which helps Canadian companies hire skilled foreign workers and process their work permits within two weeks.

Apart from this provincial nominee programs such as the Ontario Tech Pilot and the British Columbia Tech Pilot continue to conduct draws that help tech companies in these provinces hire international workers.

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