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Canada Job market added 32, 300 jobs in March

Canada Job Market

Canada Job market added 32, 300 jobs in March 2018 which was double the 15, 400 jobs added in the month of February. An approximately similar enhancement in the workforce with 30, 100 ensured that the unemployment rate remained at 5.8%. March was led by fulltime employment as 68, 300 net jobs were added to the Canada Job Market. This more than offsets the decrease in part-time jobs with 35, 900.

The Canada Job market report for March was assorted with respect to industries. The sectors that gained notably were Construction with 18, 300, Public Administration with 11, 900 and Educational Services with 8, 400. The Information Services and Manufacturing were the key losers with a decrease of 8, 700 and 8, 300 respectively, as quoted by the Economics TD.

In terms of regions, the maximum gains were by Quebec with 16,000 jobs, Ontario with 10,600 jobs and Alberta with 8, 300 jobs. The rate of unemployment for the provinces remained unaltered. However, Alberta was an exception with 6.3% which was a decline from 6.7%.

There was no change when it comes to salaries. The salary for the Permanent Jobs in March was on par with February with 3.1% hike. The overall labor market has definitely been boosted with a net addition of 32, 300 jobs. However, a deeper analysis reveals mixed gains. The majority of the net change was in self-employed jobs even though the overall gains were in full-time jobs.

The full-time jobs gain at 32, 300 and headline 22, 200 continue to be a positive trend on the average moving basis of 6 months.  On the other hand, part-time jobs continued to decrease and the Public sector in Canada added 19,600 jobs.

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