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Everything you want to know about Australian Work Visas

Posted on August 13, 2019
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Australia Work Visa

Australia has become a popular destination for people wanting to make a career. It has a robust economy and has plenty of job opportunities in multiple sectors.

It has always opened its doors to foreign workers. The employee friendly policies, social harmony and an attractive lifestyle make it a much-coveted place to professionals seeking a career overseas.

Added to this, the country has a perennial demand for skilled workers owing to the growing economy. Companies are on the lookout for fresh talent and are open to hiring immigrants from other countries.

When you opt to work here, you enjoy basic rights and the same workplace protection rules are applicable to you like other local employees. The standard of living and employee wages are high by international standards. You can avail social benefits like free healthcare and enjoy the vibrant multicultural life. All of this makes Australia an attractive destination to make a career.

Australia has one of the largest migration programs with more than 0.19 million jobs reserved for permanent migrants. Nearly 70 percent of this is reserved for skilled migrants under the Skilled Migration Program. The country issues nearly 0.12 million of permanent visas to skilled workers every year. The distribution of these visas every year depends on the most in-demand skills for that year. 

Here is the list of occupations and the number of places in the Skilled Migration Program for 2019-20 released by The Department of Home Affairs

Occupation  Numbers
Nurses 15042
Electricians 7854
Carpenters and Joiners 7164
Secondary School Teachers 7002
Metal fitters and Machinists 6816
Motor mechanics 6444
Accountants 5478
Construction Project Managers 5178
Software and Application Programmers 5004
Structural Steel and Welding Trade Workers 4482

The Australian government has a range of conditions and clauses for foreigners seeking a job here. There are different types of visas available, it can be based on your skills or the type of employment you are looking – permanent or temporary.

Read on to know more about the different work visa types, their eligibility requirements and, the application process. This will help you choose the most appropriate one and take one step ahead in your dream to work in this country.

Types of work visas

The good news is if you want to go to Australia to work, you can always find a visa suitable to your requirements. There are work visas for:

  • Skilled workers
  • People participating in specific activities
  • Working holiday seekers
  • Specialized workers
  • Short-term trainees

Apart from this you can apply for a sponsored visa in which case you will have to find a sponsor or apply to the SkillSelect program with an Expression of Interest.

Skilled visa

If you want to work in Australia, first check whether you have the skills or qualifications which are in high demand among Australian companies. The next step is to check if you meet the eligibility requirements for the Australia work visa.

Skilled Nominated visa: If you want to apply for a skilled worker visa, a good place to start is to check out the SkillSelect program which is an online system to receive and process work visa applications.

The process to apply for SkillSelect  program

Submit an online application indicating your Expression of Interest (EOI)

Your profile will be given points based on:

  1. Age
  2. Skills
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Education

If your skills are found suitable you may be nominated by the Australian government (territory or state) or by an employer to apply for a skilled visa.

Skilled independent visa: You can obtain this work permit if you can demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and qualifications required for specific occupations that are listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

This visa does not require the sponsorship of an employer. This type of visa intends to encourage skilled people to migrate to Australia to reduce the skills shortage the country is facing. You can use the SkillSelect tool to find out if your skills are in demand and submit your Expression of Interest (EOI).

Working holiday visa: This visa is open to people in the age group of 18-30 to encourage them to take up short-term employment in Australia while they are on a vacation there. The validity is for 12 months. You will have to adhere to certain character and health requirements and not have any dependents with you while on your holiday.

The working holiday visa comes with privileges:

  • You can enter and stay in the country for six months
  • Leave and re-enter the country multiple times
  • Work for up to six months with an employee
  • Choose to study for four months during the visa duration

Employer nomination scheme: Under this scheme, a permanent work visa is given to workers sponsored by their companies. These visas are issued to help companies tackle the skills shortage problem.

TSS visa (Temporary Skill Shortage):  Under this visa, individuals can work between two to four years depending on the employee’s requirement. To issue this visa, companies will have to prove that they are facing a skills shortage.

Applicants should have a minimum of two years’ work experience and should be below 45 years. Companies taking employees on this visa must pay them the market salary.

Application process

The eligibility requirements for these visas are uniform:

  • Prove your efficiency in the English language through the required certification (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Give the required educational and employment documentation
  • Have health insurance
Key pointers:
  • Identify the category of work visa based on the job offer you have
  • If applying through the SkillSelect program, you must meet the requirements
  • If the employer is nominating you, then they must submit the nomination or sponsorship form online before you apply for the visa
  • Ensure you fill the specific form for the visa category you are applying
  • Submit all relevant and supporting documents
  • Pay the visa application fees before submission

It takes about 2-5 months for processing of work visas.

Taking the help of an Immigration Consultant will help you understand the process and create a comprehensive visa application with all the requirements and documentation that will enhance your chances to succeed.

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