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Get an Australian Employer to sponsor your visa to work in Australia

Australia Subclass 186 Visa

Australia offers numerous job opportunities for immigrants who wish to move to the country by finding a job.

Those who come here on a work visa enjoy the same basic employee rights and the workplace protection rules given to local employees. Apart from this Australia offers a high standard of living and competitive salaries. Those who work here enjoy social benefits like free healthcare and other social benefits.

Australia offers many work visa options for immigrants to come and work in the country.

The Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) allows Australian employers to sponsor overseas workers who have the required skills to work in the country.

Visa process:

The visa process involves two steps:

Step 1: Nomination by an approved Australian employer

Step2: The visa application must be made by a qualified overseas worker.

Visa applicants can be within or outside Australia when they apply for this visa.

Visa streams:

The Subclass 186 visa has three streams:

Under the Direct Entry stream, an applicant is eligible for this visa if they are nominated by an Australian employer but must apply for the visa within six months of the nomination.

Eligibility conditions for Subclass 186 visa:

For employer who is nominating the visa:

The employment position nominated for the visa must be:

Individuals applying for this visa must:

The Employee Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) visa is a permanent residency visa.  With this visa, you can:

Obligations under the Subclass186 visa:

 Visa holders and their families must obey all Australian laws and should be ready to work for their nominating employer for at least two years. Those who get the visa must be ready to begin employment within six months of their entry into the country if they got the visa when they were outside Australia or from the date of the visa if they are inside the country.

 However, if the applicant has obtained the visa under the Direct Entry Stream, he can live and work in Australia permanently. Family members can be included in the application. And in case the applicant gets a positive skills assessment and has a post qualification work experience of three years, he can immediately apply for the visa.

The Employee Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) visa is designed to help Australian employers to hire highly skilled individuals from outside the country. You can get this visa if you have the required qualification and experience.

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