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5 Vital Jobs for Canadian economy in 2018

5 Vital Jobs for Canada

Indeed Canada has revealed 5 Vital Jobs for the Canadian economy in 2018 based on their performance in past years. The job search website has revealed that these 5 jobs have witnessed crucial growth. This is with respect to the figures of jobs postings for these jobs in the site, said Daniel Culbertson the Economist who is associated with Indeed.

The 5 Vital Jobs for Canadian economy revealed by Indeed Canada are also from the sectors that are anticipated to have growth, added Culbertson.

Fulfillment Associate:

This job witnessed a jump of 607% in 2017 when compared with 2016. There is a huge demand for associates who receive orders from customers for processing. It is at the centers of distribution at e-commerce firms such as Amazon. They are in huge demand as people are increasingly placing orders online, as quoted by the Global News CA.

Machine Learning Engineer:

This job opening is for Programmers who develop systems and machines that can operate AI or Artificial Intelligence. These occupations are usually well paying said, Culbertson. Machine learning engineers have an average salary of 102, 555 $ per year.

Family Medicine Physician:

It is not surprising that the demand for family physicians is on the rise owing to the aging population of Canada. These are amongst the most in-demand professionals in healthcare. This job witnessed a growth of 138% in postings in 2017.

Manufacturing Technician:

The manufacturing sector has witnessed a growth in Canada that was reflected in a growth rate of 45%. This was with respect to the number of job postings. Manufacturing technicians are accountable for maintaining and installing systems and products.

Technical Recruiter:

These professionals hunt for talents in the tech sector. The report by Indeed observes that owing to the boom in the tech industry these professionals are becoming more and more important. Technical recruiters combine industry-specific knowledge and personal skills associated with human resources.

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