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470,000 Canada job vacancies in Q4 2017, 25% +

Canada Job Vacancies

470,000 Canada job vacancies were reported in Q4 2017 which was an increase of 89, 000 – 23% over the last quarter of 2016. The Canada Job Vacancies were all across the nation in the last quarter of 2017. These latest figures have been revealed by Statistics Canada.

The numbers revealed by the report demonstrate that 9 out of 13 provinces in Canada recorded yearly growth of jobs. This was in the last quarter of 2017, as quoted by the CIC News. The provinces that recorded largest increases were British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

The report elaborates that out of every ten Canada job vacancies, seven were of full-time nature. The average hourly salary for the unfilled jobs was 20.10 $. Quebec recorded extra 29, 185 job openings in Q4 2017 in comparison with Q4 2016. This was an annual increase of 46% and the largest in Canada.

The majority of the unfilled Job Openings in Quebec were in Finance and insurance, Food services, Accommodation, and Manufacturing. The most populous Canadian province Ontario had 28, 085 extra job openings unfilled in Q4 2017 when compared with the previous year. This was an increase of 17.3%. It was also the 6th successive quarter for Ontario with an annual increase in the numbers of job vacancies.

Statistics Canada said that the vacancies in Ontario were in 15 out of the 20 industries. This includes Food services, Accommodation, Social Services, and Healthcare. British Columbia on the West Coast of Canada witnessed an increase of 15, 485 job openings in Q4 2017. This was an annual increase of 21.25 for the quarter. The highest increase in this province was in the Construction, Food services, and Accommodation sectors.

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