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3 Current in-demand South Africa Jobs

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The job site Career Junction has revealed the 3 current in-demand South Africa jobs to be Net Developers, Sales professionals, and Financial Managers. These occupational fields are by and large the most in-demand skill sets in the current labor market.

Net Developers:

The current hiring activity has revealed that the jobs for Net Developers have increased by 24% from Q4 2107 and it continues in 2018 also. But on the other hand, the numbers of jobs for Software Developers decreased.

Sales professionals:

The recruitment of Sales professionals increased by 24% + during Q4 2017 and the trends continue in 2018 as well. Nevertheless, the labor market remains competitive for job seekers in spite of the abundant jobs, as quoted by the ASIE Co ZA.

Financial Managers:

Financial Managers are specifically sought after even as there are positive employment prospects for management professionals. Every third position in the management vertical was allocated to Financial Managers in the Q4 2017 with the trend continuing this year too.

Professionals in the fields of Office & Support, Admin& ICT, and Sales & Marketing have positive prospects for employment owing to increased activity in hiring. This is as per the data of the job site Career Junction. It has offered an exhaustive analysis of the comparative ratio of demand and supply in the online job market.

The online South Africa jobs market is directly monitored by Career Junction Index – CJI. This is done by assessing the trends in demand and supply. The data is based on jobs across all sectors.

Manufacturing, Construction, and Finance sectors meanwhile have witnessed enhanced demands for workers in the recent months according to Career Junction. The jobs in trend include IT project management, Structural engineering, and Customer Support roles.

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