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215,314 immigrant workers in Denmark in 2018, the highest ever

215,314 immigrant workers in Denmark in 2018

215,314 immigrant workers were employed in Denmark in 2018 which was the highest ever for the nation. It was also an increase of 7.5% in comparison with 2017 as reported by Børsen.

Denmark is an attractive option for overseas immigrants seeking to work abroad. Lots of overseas workers are employed in constructing the Metro at Copenhagen.

The laws for immigrant workers in Denmark have been changed significantly recently. The conditions that permit them to reside and work in Denmark have been tightened. Nevertheless, there are lots of immigrant workers employed in the nation.

Dansk Metal the trade Union in Denmark has compiled the latest figures. It reveals that there have never been so many overseas workers in Danish firms.

Chief Economist of the Union Thomas Søby said that it is a myth that it is tough to attract overseas workers from Europe. Most of the overseas workers are from Eastern Europe, he added, as quoted by the

There have been dire warnings from the Danish employers recently that many immigrant workers are returning home. Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening the Danish employers’ federation has said that there are several firms that have a serious shortage of workers.

One nation mentioned in this regard is Poland. The Polish Government has been campaigning actively for persuading Poles to return home. It is because the economy of the nation is witnessing a period of growth.

Henryka Moscicka-Dendys the Ambassador of Poland in Denmark, however, said that this is not true in all cases. Less-qualified individuals still consider Denmark as an attractive nation for work. This is because they are normally able to earn higher pay here than in Poland, he added.

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