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  • UK
    Jobs outlook in UK for 2023

    How is UK Job Market in 2023? 10.4 Million+ Job vacancies in the UK London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Cambridge cities have the highest number of job vacancies UK GDP annual growth is 7.4% The unemployment rate is expected to be 4.1% in 2023. 48 hours of working for foreign immigrants. UK to issue more than… Read More »

    Dec 31, 2022
  • Australia
    Jobs outlook in Australia for 2023

    How is Australia Job Market in 2023?   Five lakhs job vacancies are available in Australia Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, has high job vacancies Issues skilled visas in days to prioritized occupations. 4% real GDP growth in Australia 3.4% Unemployment rate in Australia 40 hours of working hours in a week and… Read More »

    Dec 29, 2022
  • How can I get job in Canada in 2023
    How can I get job in Canada in 2023?

    Why work in Canada? 1.1 million Job vacancies in Canada Work 40 hours per week Get paid $727.61/month on average as a new retirement individual Average hourly wages increased to 7.5% Get mandatory employee benefits of CPP & Life Insurance Canada is one of the top G7 countries No LMIA is required Top in-demand occupations… Read More »

    Dec 28, 2022
  • How can I get job in Australia in 2023
    How can I get job in Australia in 2023?

    Why work in Australia? 5 lakh job vacancies in Australia Ranks in the top 10 best places to live, work and settle Australian wages are increased by 5.1% Flexible working hours in Australia 40 per week Paid leaves are 30 per year Access to an excellent healthcare system Top in-demand occupations in Australia Australia has… Read More »

    Dec 28, 2022
  • Canada-Job-Trend-&-Analysis-–-Engineering-Manager
    Canada Job trends – Engineering Manager, 2023

    Why work in Canada as an Engineering Manager? There are more than one million jobs in Canada Quebec provides the highest salary of CAD 120,000 per annum The average salary for an Engineering Manager in Canada is CAD 110,140.8 Quebec and Ontario provide the highest number of openings for Engineering Managers There are 7 pathways… Read More »

    Dec 27, 2022
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