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  • Top 5 benefits of working in Canada in 2022
    Top 5 benefits of working in Canada in 2022

    Key aspects of the employee benefits in Canada Canada is ranked 8th for its largest economy in the world Currently, the country’s unemployment rate is 5.4 percent The increase in the wages from $11.81 to $13.00 per hour will be introduced from October 1, 2022 Work 40 hours per week The Mandatory Employee Benefits of Canada… Read More »

    Sep 28, 2022
  • Job outlook in Canada-22
    Job outlook in Canada for 2022

    Key aspects: Most in-demand jobs in Canada Canada is experiencing an all-time high number of job vacancies with a total of over a million or 5.7 percent Canada has the fourteenth-largest economy and its unemployment rate stands at 5.4 percent 40 working hours a week Most in-demand jobs were recorded in six Canadian provinces The… Read More »

    Sep 27, 2022
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