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  • Highest-paid-professionals-in-Australia-under-SOL--2021
    Job outlook for Software Developers in Canada, 2022

    Main Features: Canada to welcome over 431,000 immigrants in 2022 IT roles are categorized under code 51 and code 54 according to the North America Industry Classification (NAICS) Sectors that are expected to have the highest job openings across Canada Salary Details of the top IT jobs in Canada in 2022 Overview Statistics Canada publishes… Read More »

    Jun 9, 2022
  • How to apply for work visa for Italy

    Critical Aspects of Italy’s Work Visa: Italy’s GDP of 2000.00 USD billion in 2022 Fourth largest economy in the Eurozone The Italy work visa is a type of Italian Long-Stay visa Work for 36 hours a week Overview: Italian work visa is an entrance visa, and it is essential to own a work permit before… Read More »

    Jun 1, 2022
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