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  • How to apply for Austria work visa?

    The European nation of Austria has one of its oldest economies which makes it a choice overseas career destination. Other factors in its favor include a high standard of living and opportunities for professional growth. Here are the work visa options available if you are thinking of working in Austria. Citizens of non-EU countries must… Read More »

    Oct 19, 2020
  • Job trends – Canada – Engineering manager

    The job of an engineering manager is to plan, direct, organize and control the activities in the engineering department or firm. They can find employment in various private and government establishments, engineering consultants and scientific research firms. Job prospects for engineering managers Engineering manager-NOC 0211 All jobs available in the labour market in Canada are… Read More »

    Oct 14, 2020
  • What are the benefits of working in Poland?

    When an individual plans to move abroad to work in another country, he would obviously look at the benefits he would get as a worker. If you are thinking of an overseas job in Poland, these are the work benefits you should be aware of. Working hours and paid time off The working hours in… Read More »

    Oct 14, 2020
  • What is the job outlook for Poland?

    According to a report released in 2015 by CEDEFOP, European Center for the Development of Vocational Training, which gives details of the Skills Forecast for Poland up to 2025, employment growth in Poland is expected to be in the distribution and transport sector, the construction, business and other sectors. Based on this report the top… Read More »

    Oct 12, 2020
  • Poland work permit – How to apply

    If you are a non-EU citizen and wish to work in Poland, you will need a work permit to enter the country. The work permit issued is valid for only one job and you can use it to perform only those tasks mentioned in your application form. If you are changing jobs, you will have… Read More »

    Oct 12, 2020
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