Video Game Designer


Video game designers envision, plan, and create multi-player games for the interactive entertainment industry. Communicate with engineers, programmers, and a team of artists to develop game features that retain players for a long period of time. They strive to extend the gaming experience by implementing score tracking methods and other ways to enhance competition among players.


  1. Conceptualize and implement game mechanics, animation, characters, narrative, assets, AI behaviours, text, and sound.
  2. Assist in design of user interface screens, support screens, and game levels.
  3. Drive game design through conceptualization, presentation, implementation, tuning, and release.


  1. A Bachelor’s degree in game design or a related field is preferable. However, video game designers with a proven portfolio of successful design work with high-quality products may be considered for some companies.
  2. Must have a strong understanding of statistics and mathematical skills to analyse data and player feedback.
  3. Effective written and verbal skills are necessary to illustrate game mechanics, features, diagrams, and prototypes in documentation.

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