Vice President (VP), Sales and Marketing

These professionals have got three primary tasks:

  1. Finding leads for their business
  2. Closing sales
  3. Ensuring that subordinates are closing the sales


  1. Analyse sales statistics to determine sales potential
  2. Monitor customer preferences and inventory requirements
  3. Ensure that the services are in compliance with professional and company policy standards
  4. Plan, direct and set the strategic direction of the sales and marketing program to maximize profits and increase products or services visibility
  5. Direct the sales and marketing management staff in effective use and development of business plans and strategies
  6. Develop objectives and policies for the sales and marketing department


  1. Need to be well versed with their product, distribution, prices and any other potentially relevant details that a customer may need to know
  2. They need to be good leaders and supervisors
  3. Must be abreast with the performance of their team members and need to ensure that their problem areas are dealt with effectively

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or a similar field
  2. Extensive experience in sales and marketing

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