Systems Analysts

Job Description

Systems Analysts work with users to formulate system requirements, develop system plans and documentation, review and evaluate existing systems, design and modify systems to meet users’s business needs.


Work with users to formulate and document business requirements.
Identify, investigate and analyse business processes, procedures and work practices.
Identify and evaluate inefficiencies and recommend optimal business practices and system functionality and behaviour.
Use project management methodologies, principles and techniques to develop project plans and costs, resource and manage projects.
Take responsibility for deploying functional solutions such as creating, adopting and implementing system test plans, which ensure quality acceptance and integrity of the system.

Job Prospects

Systems analysts have a high proportion of full-time jobs (91.8%). They work full-time with average weekly hours as 40.3 hrs. (compared to 41.3 hrs. for all occupations) and earnings are high. Unemployment for systems analysts is below average.
Systems analysts are employed across several industries which include: professional, scientific and technical services; financial and insurance services; public administration and safety; and manufacturing.