Supply Chain Manager


Supply Chain Manager oversees and coordinates key parts of the franchise supply chain.

Three main job responsibilities include:

Promoting team work between the sales team and customer service team.

Developing and maintaining policies on general logistics and procedures.

Maintaining inventory based on the demand.


Optimizing the inventory and supply chain activities.

Documentation of the productivity.

Selects, evaluates and fosters collaborative relationships with suppliers.

Designs, implements and refines production system from materials to product shipment.

Reviews employee schedules, tasks and performance for productivity.


Should do the analyses on the cost-effectiveness of the contracts.

Should provide leadership and guidance to a team of store managers within the supply chain.


Strong social skills, excellent written and verbal communication.

Excellent coaching skills are also necessary to motivate the regional and store managers.

Eligibility Criteria:

Master’s degree in related field, for example-business administration, logistics or sales.

Several years of work experience in business or customer service.

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