Retail Store Manager

Retail store managers are in charge of selling the company’s products and services to new customers as well as the existing customers.

It is their job to see that the store runs effectively and efficiently.


  • Monitor and prioritize workflow and schedules.
  • Handle and resolve escalated customer complaints and issues that may arise.
  • Manage the selection, training and development of the staff.
  • Ensure that the monthly sales quota is met.
  • Manage the stock inventory at specified levels.
  • Oversee the daily work of their staff.
  • Responsible to handle all the money at the end of each sales day.
  • Responsible for paying salaries to their employees.
  • Report the higher ups on the progress of the business.



Being a retail store manager is a job that involves great conversational and people skills.

Eligibility Criteria:

Good experience in managing stores

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