Production Engineer


An expert in manufacturing technology and management science.Production engineer has a wide knowledge of engineering practices and is aware of the management challenges related to production.


To accomplish the production process in a smooth, judicious and an economical way.


Enables effective utilization of material, human and financial resources at low cost.

Involves in the decision making process to model the production system.

Involves in the designing, implementation and refining of products, services, processes and systems.



Expert in optimization of processes.

Ability to utilize mathematical and statistical knowledge for decision making.

Ability to forecast on the demand and supply ratio for production purposes.

Up-to-date with technological developments.


Educational Requirement

Professional bachelor’s degree

 Area of work

Application of casting – machine processing – joining processes – metal cutting and tool design –  metrology – machine tools – machine systems – automation – jigs and fixtures – die and mould design – material science and design of automobile parts – machine designing and manufacturing.

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