Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher


Early childhood teachers convey the basics of knowledge to pre-primary school students. Taking a holistic approach, early childhood teachers must focus on basic literacy and counting skills, as well as promote development in art and music. Early childhood teachers are also responsible for the basic health and well-being of their students and must also focus on helping students with their basic physical development skills.

Early childhood teachers can work in traditional schools that are open from early in the morning (usually around 8 AM) to early afternoon (usually around 3 PM). However, they may also work in freestanding kindergartens or other public or private early childcare centers. At times, early childhood teachers can work in private homes or community centers.

Skills Required

Ability to maintain calmness under pressure

Good sense of humor

High intelligence level

Strong interpersonal skills

Superb level of communication skills


Ensuring the safety of the children with whom they are entrusted.

Mediating conflicts between students fairly and impartially.

Planning and engaging in learning activities to assist in students’ development.

Possessing a high level of accountability for students left in their care.

Providing support for families and surrounding community as needed.

Taking responsibility of student learning, growth and development.


Must obtain a bachelor’s degree, specializing in early childhood studies or a related field.

Must also obtain a graduate diploma in education majoring in early childhood.