Naval Architect

Job Description

Naval architecture is multidisciplinary in nature but, at its simplest, a naval architect is a ship designer. A naval architect is a professional engineer who is responsible for the safety design and specification of ships, boats, and marine structures, both civil and military, including merchant ships (cargo and passenger), warships, submarines & underwater vehicles, offshore structures (fixed & floating), high speed craft, workboats and pleasure craft. The naval architect can also be involved in, or manage, the construction, repair / refit or operation of such ships / marine structures.


Perform structural and hydrodynamic analyses to approve designs and materials.

Study designs, proposals, and materials to ensure marine products are viable and meet standards.

Design and oversee construction of marine vessels or structures and enforce quality standards and timelines.

Investigate and test machinery, equipment, and installations for safety and durability.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must possess an academic qualification (i.e., a four year engineering degree) accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia, or equivalent overseas qualification.

They should be practicing independently or under general direction as naval architects.

Knowledge and skills development in the required areas is necessary.