Mechanical Engineer

Job Description:

Mechanical engineers participate in the planning and manufacturing of new products by performing engineering duties, developing, designing and testing mechanical devices. Mechanical engineers must be skilled in the use of Microsoft Office, AutoCAD and other software or technology as relevant to the specific position. They use technical problem-solving and communication skills and must be adept at project management, teamwork and adhering to standard engineering procedures. Mechanical engineers work with other team members to create new product designs that meet customer needs and relevant government codes and regulations.

They create these designs using established engineering practices and relevant technological tools. They research designs and make recommendations based on appearance, safety, budget, function and estimate the time and cost needed to complete the projects. Mechanical engineers may be responsible for creating prototypes and product tests and creating reports to provide the relevant data to management. They also communicate with other departments as needed for a given project. Other areas of responsibility may include helping to determine requirements for manufacturing equipment and working with a team to manage assigned portions of a project.


Perform engineering duties; develop, design and test mechanical devices.
Write technical reports, handbooks and bulletins for use by staff or customers.
Estimate time and cost to complete projects.
Research designs and make recommendations based on appearance, safety, budget and function.

Educational requirements:

Bachelor’s in Mechanical engineering or masters in engineering or a related degree.
The EIT exam, membership in a professional society and specific industry-related certifications may also be encouraged or required.